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    • Marina Batalias, Nelson Mullins
    • Molly Calo, Student, UR School of Law
    • Anna Daniszewski, Virginia Poverty Law Center
    • Lindsay Dugan, Owen & Owens
    • Nicole Fox, Nicole L. Fox, PC
    • Sai Kalvala


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    Make plans to join MRWBA, virtually, on Monday, November 14th at 12:30 p.m. for a Virtual Lunch-In with Zafreen Farishta discussing how we can negotiate the salary that we deserve. There is no fee for MRWBA members to register for this session (you must be logged in). The nonmember fee is $20.00.

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    Mark your calendar for Friday, December 9th, as MRWBA takes some time to reconnect with friends and colleagues at the MRWBA's Holiday Luncheon. Complete details will be available soon.


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    MRWBA’s events are possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. These sponsorships provide an opportunity to promote your brand to a demographic of well-educated, professional women with an average salary of $101,126 per year. Register for a sponsorship now, or e-mail with questions.


    From the President

    Dear Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

    It’s October and it is officially my favorite time of year – autumn. While we make time to enjoy all the “hygge” things (all the apple and pumpkin deliciousness, firepits, sweatshirts), it is important to note that October is Mental Health Awareness Month. In keeping with the focus on mental health, our theme for October is “Boundaries.”

    Boundaries have not always been my friend. As a perennial “people pleaser,” the notion was foreign to me until about 5 years ago. Now, I find that boundaries are an essential part of my quest to maintain my own mental wellness. I think people often misunderstand boundaries by equating them with being mean or selfish. But I think that by communicating our boundaries we ensure the opposite eventuality. By stating our boundaries, we are expressing our needs and wants which helps to prevent misunderstandings with others because we have been clear about what is and what is not acceptable. It ensures that we feel safe and supported and reduces the likelihood that we will be mean out of frustration or harbor feelings of resentment. Expressing your boundaries is essential to building and maintaining healthy relationships. And don’t just take my word for it. Studies have shown that those with healthy boundaries have better sleep, less burnout, less stress and more joy in their lives.

    My favorite quote about boundaries sums it all up nicely. “Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously.” – Prentis Hemphill

    Are you ready to set some boundaries in your life so you can chase those goals you set last month? If so, here are this month’s book and podcast recommendations:

    And lest we forget, we have an informative and thought-provoking CLE at this month’s luncheon on October 5, 2022 entitled “Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, Personhood and the 14th Amendment” that is being presented by Professor Carliss Chatman, Associate Professor at the Washington and Lee School of Law. Professor Chatman will analyze the Dobbs decision in relation to changing ideas of personhood and the ever-evolving legal landscape of reproductive rights. I am sure this is a presentation you do not want to miss. If you haven’t registered, there’s no time to waste: Register Here.

    Sherry Fox
    MRWBA President


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    Next Wednesday, join MRWBA as we welcome Professor Carliss Chatman, Associate Professor of Law a Washington & Lee School of Law, as she takes a look at the Dobbs decision in relation to changing ideas of personhood and the ever-evolving legal landscape of reproductive rights. Pending approval for 1 CLE Credit.

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